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welcome to kingdom hearts confessions.

this is a blog for you to submit anonymous opinions about kingdom hearts. it can be anything, opinions, ships or secrets. just leave it in our ask. all posts will be posted anonymously. everything is submitted by other people, none of these are directly our opinions. you can submit a graphic you've made, or just leave it in our ask and we'll make the graphic.
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thedorcknight said: I honestly prefer the graphics, but I understand that it's more time consuming and then gets annoying when people are like, "Posts are coming too slow" and blah blah blah. Regardless, I love this blog and I will continue to follow you.

thanks! we have been losing a lot of followers lately because of that anon. so I am unaware of what we are doing, keeping the blog or not

We love you all okay

no more drama. just kingdom hearts.

44.) I would love nothing more than to have lived in Radiant Garden before it became Hollow Bastion. It’s one of the most beautiful worlds I’ve ever seen.
43.) Whenever I’m sad or in a really low mood, I listen to Sora’s theme to lift my spirit.
42.) I ship all of the ships. Fight me.
41.) The fact that Aqua has been trapped in the darkness for 10 + years makes me so depressed because I love her. If they don’t get her out in the next installment I don’t know what I’ll do.

hopethefangirl said: I personally prefer using graphics because I just like a visual to go with a confession... but that's just me. I also posted a submission before with my own confession I made with a graphic... maybe leave that option open? For people to make their own, if they want a graphic included? And if not they can just send a text submission that'll be left like that. It's not that hard to make your own graphic, and if they "can't do it" then they will just have to settle for a text confession :)

we gotten complaints that we don’t post enough confessions, ect and it is because we have to make a graphic for it so I thought going with text posts would be easier. the submissions will always be open for anyone who wants to make their own graphics or just submit something Kingdom Hearts that they want to show off (tattoos, art, ect)

if you really want us to make a graphic with your submission instead of a text post, maybe pointing it out to us would be helpful!

thanks for the feedback :)

40.) Riku/Roxas is my guilty pleasure
39.) I think Xion was better left forgotten.
38.) I hated Riku’s design in the original KH. I only began to like him in KH2.